Saturday, 23 November 2019

"... stand up against the bullies ..."

"It's not mental to believe that most of us find racism disgusting and the many can easily outweigh the few with the smallest effort. Vote, be counted, stand up against the bullies (...)."
Ricky Wilson

::: Love's Not a Competition (but I'm Winning): LISTEN/WATCH
::: Coming Home: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Never Miss A Beat: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Falling Awake: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Good Days Bad Days: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Everything Is Average Nowadays: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Hole In My Soul: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Modern Way: LISTEN/WATCH
::: People Know How To Love One Another: LISTEN/WATCH
::: Every Day I Love You Less and Less: LISTEN/WATCH
::: We Stay Together: LISTEN/WATCH

photograph of the Kaiser Chiefs by Danny North via


  1. Absolutely true, thanks Derek and Macy. By the way, I just bought tickets for their concert in February - yeah! :-)