Thursday, 25 November 2021

The Art World. Sharing the Same Prejudices We Face in the Real World.

"When one thinks of the art world, one thinks of a place of openness and tolerance -- yet that is hardly the case. The ‘art world’ shares the same prejudice we face in the real world. That said, the illusion of togetherness that has been constructed around the art world makes said reality even more toxic. Forms of sexism, racism, and ageism dominate art culture just under the surface -- which dictates our collective knowledge of art history. This is a topic that few gallery owners want to discuss -- because it is a topic that, more often than not, reveals a world of bigotry and unnecessary challenges placed before artists." Brian Sherwin

photograph of Silvana Mangano by Eve Arnold (1956) via


  1. Okay, this one killed me.
    I think I used that phrase here before.

    1. Eve Arnold...
      Thank you so much, Wim! I do appreciate your love for this kind of photographs.