Friday, 5 November 2021

Women's Workplace Equality Index

The World Bank's report from 2018 presents data on 170 gender inequalities in legal treatment in 189 countries. In a second step, the World Bank scored countries on a list of fifty legal gender inequalities, the Council on Foreign Relations added an additional six for reasons of completeness and calculated a ranking of countries (scores 0 to 100) (via)

Five highest scores:
Australia (94.9), Canada (94.5), New Zealand (93.6), Spain (92.9), Mexico (92.8)

Five lowest scores:
Yemen (24.2), Syria (27.7), Qatar (29.8), Sudan (30.3), Iran (31.2)

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photograph (women attending the Women in Politics Conference, Canberra, 1975) via


  1. I can't believe what an ignorant prat I am, I didn't expect Mexico scoring that well, wow, you never stop learing.

    1. Abbie Winterburn6 November 2021 at 20:45

      Hahaha, no worries! That goes for me, too.

    2. Well, my guesses weren't correct, either. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Florian and Abbie!